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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Honda Honda Civic 1984-87

Honda Civic 1984-87 




Camshaft Cover Crown Nuts

7 ft. lbs.

Camshaft Sprocket Bolt

27 ft. lbs.

Carburetor Mounting Nuts

15 ft. lbs.

Connecting Rod Cap Nuts

23 ft. lbs.

Crankshaft (vibration) Damper Bolt

83 ft. lbs.

Cylinder Head Bolts (see figure 1) Step 1

22 ft. lbs.

Step 2 49 ft. lbs.
Driveplate Bolts (Automatic)

54 ft. lbs.

Exhaust Manifold Bracket Bolts

20 ft. lbs.

Exhaust Manifold-to-Head Bolts

22 ft. lbs.

Exhaust Manifold-to-Header Pipe Self-locking Nuts

33 ft. lbs.

Flywheel Bolts (Manual)

76 ft. lbs.

Fuel Injection Service Bolt

108 inch lbs.

Fuel Rail Mounting Nuts

108 inch lbs.

Intake Manifold Bracket Bolts

16 ft. lbs.

Intake Manifold Part A-to-Part B Nuts

17 ft. lbs.

Intake Manifold-to-Cylinder Head Bolts

16 ft. lbs.

Main Bearing Cap Bolts

33 ft. lbs.

Oil Filter Housing Bolts

9 ft. lbs.

Oil Pan Bolts

9 ft. lbs.

Oil Pick-up Tube Bolts

17 ft. lbs.

Oil Pump Cover Screws

5 ft. lbs.

Oil Pump Screen Bolts

8 ft. lbs.

Oil Pump-to-Engine Block Bolts/Nuts

9 ft. lbs.

Rocker Arm Shaft End Cap Bolts

9 ft. lbs.

Rocker Arm Shaft Pedestal Bolts

16 ft. lbs.

Thermostat Housing Bolts

9 ft. lbs.

Throttle Body Mounting Nuts

16 ft. lbs.

Timing Belt Adjustment Bolt

31 ft. lbs.

Water Pump Pulley Bolts

9 ft. lbs.

Water Pump-to- Engine Bolts

9 ft. lbs.


  Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Sequence
Fig. 1 Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Sequence.
Camshaft Timing Mark AlignmentPut the UP in the up position. Align the two marks on the camshaft sprocket with the top edge of the cylinder head.
Fig. 3 Camshaft Timing Mark Alignment.
Crankshaft Timing Mark AlignmentAlign the mark in the crankshaft with the mark on the timing belt cover.
Fig. 3 Crankshaft Timing Mark Alignment.
Cylinder Location And Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Fig. 4 Cylinder Location And Firing Order.


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