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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Toyota Toyota Cressida 1983-90

Toyota Cressida 1983-90

Transmission/Drive Train




Axleshaft-to-Differential Flange Nuts 51 ft. lbs.
Axleshaft-to-Outer Hub Flange Nuts 51 ft. lbs.
Center Bearing-to-Center Bearing Support Bolts 30 ft. lbs.
Differential Carrier-to-Body or Differential Support Member Bolts 1983-88 61 ft. lbs.
1989-90 71 ft. lbs.
Differential Stabilizer Bar Link Retaining Nuts 43 ft. lbs.
Differential Support Member-to-Body Bolts ( 1983-88 Only ) 51 ft. lbs.
Driveshaft-to-Center Flange Bolts 31 ft. lbs.
Driveshaft-to-Differential Pinion Flange Bolts 31 ft. lbs.
Torque Converter-to-Flywheel Bolts 20 ft. lbs.
Transmission-to-Engine Bolts 47 ft. lbs.


Fig. 1 Driveshaft assembly-Cressida

Fig. 2 Differential assembly Independent Rear Suspension models-1983-88 Cressida

Fig. 3 Differential assembly-1989-90 Cressida


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