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Automotive Torque Specifications


Toyota Cressida 1983-1990

Transmission Oil & Filter Change

Drain the transmission fluid through the drain plug on the bottom of the pan. The plug should be a 14mm. Next you should remove the dip stick, then the dip stick tube. The tube bolts to the side of the engine, near the bottom of the engine. The bolt is a 14mm. Next remove the drain pan by removing the bolts (of course). The bolts are 10mm. Remove all of the bolts except maybe 4. Loosen those, then pry the pan loose. There will be some fluid left in the pan after draining so this will prevent you from getting fluid all over you. Use a screwdriver to pry the tubes at the ends, where the tubes bend. Be very careful not to bend the tubes. Without the tubes, your transmission will be useless.Pry tubes loose with screwdriver (Note the picture to the left click for larger picture)

 Make sure to remember where the tubes go. You may have to get one end loose, then rotate the tube back-and-forth, while pulling down on the tube, to get it loose. After you remove the tubes, pry the tabs holding the wire to the filter, then move the wire to the side. Then remove the bolts holding the filter to the transmission. They are 8mm. Transmission Filter (Tubes removed)(click picture for larger picture) 

Once you have removed the bolts, pry loose the filter. A good bit of fluid will run out from the transmission so have that drain pan in place.cress83-90trans_fil4.jpg (262866 bytes) (click picture for larger picture) All you have to do now is scrape all your old gasket material from the place where the filter, and the pan bolt up. Install everything in reverse order of removal. You might want to install a new O-ring on the dipstick tube. (see picture) Dipstick tube (with new o-ring)It took me about 4 quarts of transmission fluid to refill the transmission. Chiltons calls for 2 1/2 quarts. 



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