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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Ford Ford Full Size 1975-87

Ford And Mercury Full Size 1975-87

LTD, Custom 500, Country Squire and Crown Victoria
Marquis, Grand Marquis and Colony Park


Front Suspension
Component Torque
Balljoint-to-Spindle 80-120 ft. lbs.
brake splash guard-to-Spindle 9-14 ft. lbs.
caliper-to-Spindle upper bolt 110-114 ft. lbs.
lower bolt 90-120 ft. lbs.
lower a-arm-to-No2 Crossmember 95-110 ft. lbs.
shock absorber-to-Lower arm 12-18 ft. lbs.
shock absorber upper attachment 22-30 ft. lbs.
stabilizer bar-to-Lower arm 9-12 ft. lbs.
stabilizer bar-to-Frame 14-26 ft. lbs.
strut-to-Frame 95-105 ft. lbs.
Strut-to-Lower arm 80-115 ft. lbs.
Rear Suspension
Component Torque
Bumper-to-No. 4 Crossmember 9-13 ft. lbs.
lower arm-to-Axle 120-130 ft. lbs.
lower arm-to-Frame 100-130 ft. lbs.
rear link-to-Bracket 18-20 ft. lbs.
shock absorber lower attachment 65-85 ft. lbs.
shock absorber upper attachment 20-26 ft. lbs.
stabilizer bar-to-Rear link 16-20 ft. lbs.
stabilizer bar bracket 10-20 ft. lbs.
track bar-to-Axle track bar stud 85-100 ft. lbs.
track bar-to-Frame 50-70 ft. lbs.
track bar stud-to-Axle 140-150 ft. lbs.
upper arm-to-Frame 120-130 ft. lbs.
upper mounting clamp-to-Axle 16-20 ft. lbs.
upper mounting clamp-to-Lower clamp 16-20 ft. lbs.
Steering System
Component Torque
belt adjusting nuts 30-40 ft. lbs.
pitman arm-to-Steering gear 170-230 ft. lbs.
pressure hose-to-Gear case 16-25 ft. lbs.
pump bracket-to-Engine 45-65 ft. lbs.
pump pivot bolts 25-40 ft. lbs.
return hose-to-Gear case 25-34 ft. lbs.
steering gear-to-Frame 55-75 ft. lbs.


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