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Automotive Torque Specifications

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Front Suspension
Component Torque
Front Shock Absorber Upper stud Nut 10 ft. lbs.
Front Shock Absorber-to-Lower Control Arm Bolts 20 ft. lbs.
Front Stabilizer Bar Bracket-to-Frame Bolts 25 ft. lbs.
Front Stabilizer Bar Link-to-Shaft Nut 15 ft. lbs.
Lower Balljoint Stud-to-Steering Knuckle Nut 80 ft. lbs.
Lower Control Arm-to-Frame Pivot Bolt/Nut 90 ft. lbs.
Upper Balljoint Stud-to-Steering Knuckle Nut 40 ft. lbs.
Upper Control Arm Nuts 80 ft. lbs.
Rear Suspension
Component Torque
Leaf Spring Anchor Plate Nuts 40 ft. lbs.
Leaf Spring Front Eye Nuts 75 ft. lbs.
Leaf Spring Rear Shackle Pin Nuts 95 ft. lbs.
Rear Control Arm Bolts/Nuts All Except Rear Upper 110 ft. lbs.
Rear Upper 80 ft. lbs.
Rear Shock Absorber-to-Lower Mount 65 ft. lbs.
Rear Shock Absorber-to-Upper Mount 15 ft. lbs.
Rear Stabilizer Bar-to-Lower Control Arm Nut 50 ft. lbs.
Rear Stabilizer Bar Insulator Bracket Nuts 30 ft. lbs.
Rear Stabilizer Bar Clamp Bolts 20 ft. lbs.
Component Torque
Idler Arm-to-Frame Nuts 40 ft. lbs.
Idler Arm-to-Intermediate Rod Nut 35 ft. lbs.
Intermediate Shaft Pinch Bolts 50 ft. lbs.
Pitman Arm-to-Intermediate Rod Nut 40 ft. lbs.
Pitman Arm-to-Pitman Shaft Nut 185 ft. lbs.
Steering Gear-to-Frame Bolts 70 ft. lbs.
Tie Rod Adjuster Sleeve Clamp Nut 20 ft. lbs.
Tie Rod End-to-Intermediate Rod Nut 50 ft. lbs.
Tie Rod End-to-Steering Knuckle Nut 30 ft. lbs.

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