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Automotive Torque Specifications

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Jeep CJs 1949-86


L And F Head 4 Cylinder Engines
Component Torque
alternator bracket-to-Engine 23-30 ft. lbs.
alternator pivot bolt 23-30 ft. lbs.
camshaft gear or sprocket bolt 30-40 ft. lbs.
camshaft thrust plate bolt 26 ft. lbs.
carburetor-to-Intake manifold nuts 10-15 ft. lbs.
cylinder head bolts 60-70 ft. lbs.
exhaust pipe-to-Manifold nuts 29-35 ft. lbs.
Flywheel-to-Crankshaft bolts 35-41 ft. lbs.
fuel pump bolts 13-17 ft. lbs.
lifter access cover bolts (All engines) 7-10 ft. lbs.
main bearing cap bolts 65-75 ft. lbs.
manifold assembly bolts 29-35 ft. lbs.
oil pan bolts 9-14 ft. lbs.
piston pin lock screw 35-41 ft. lbs.
rocker arm assembly nuts (F head only) 30-36 ft. lbs.
rocker arm cover nuts (F head only) 7-10 ft. lbs.
rod bearing cap nuts 35-45 ft. lbs.
spark plugs 25-33 ft. lbs.
starter-to-Bellhousing 15020 ft. lbs.
water outlet bolts 20-25 ft. lbs.
water pump bolts 12-17 ft. lbs.
Head Bolt Torque Sequence (L Head Engines)
Fig. 1 Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Sequence-L Head Engines.
Head Bolt Torque Sequence (F Head Engine)
Fig. 2 Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Sequence-F Head Engines.
F Head Engine Cylinder Head And Valve Train Assemblies(Click for bigger picture)
Fig. 3 F Head Engine Cylinder Head And Valve Train Assemblies.
Timing Gear And Bellhousing Assemblies(Click for bigger picture)
Fig. 4 Timing Gear And Bellhousing Assemblies.
Timing Mark Alignment (With Timing Gears)
Fig. 5 Timing Mark Alignment (With Timing Gears).
Timing Mark Alignment (With Timing Chain)
Fig. 6 Timing Mark Alignment (With Timing Chain).

Flywheel TDC MarkAlign TC mark on flywheel
with the cover hole to set Top
Dead Center.

Fig. 7 Flywheel TDC Mark.
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Fig. 8 Firing Order And Cylinder Location.

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