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Automotive Torque Specifications

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Jeep CJs 1949-86


Steering And Suspension
Component Torque
bellcrank shaft locknut 70-90 ft. lbs.
bellcrank 7/16" locknut 50-70 ft. lbs.
bellcrank support bracket 30-45 ft. lbs.
bellcrank-to-Tie-Rod end 38-45 ft. lbs.
drag link ball adjusting nut 20 ft. lbs.
drag link-to-Bellcrank arm 20 ft. lbs.
lower ball-Stud jam nut 85 ft. lbs.
pitman arm nut 185 ft. lbs.
power steering pump adjusting nuts and bolts 30-40 ft. lbs.
mounting bracket bolts 30-40 ft. lbs.
steering arm-to-Tie-Rod 50 ft. lbs.
steering arm nut 150 ft. lbs.
steering connecting rod 60 ft. lbs.
steering gear-to-Frame bolts 1949-71 7/16" bolts 45-55 ft. lbs.
3/8" bolts 30-40 ft. lbs.
1972-83 steering gear-to-Bracket bolt (Hex head) 70 ft. lbs.
steering gear-to-Bracket bolt (Torx head) 55 ft. lbs.
steering gear-to-Frame bolt 55 ft. lbs.
steering knuckle upper ball-Stud split ring seat 50 ft. lbs.
steering shaft coupling bolt 45 ft. lbs.
steering wheel nut 20-30 ft. lbs.
tie-Rod end nut 60 ft. lbs.
upper ball-Stud nut 100 ft. lbs.
wheel bearing outer locknut 50 ft. lbs.
wheel lug nuts 65-90 ft. lbs.
Early Model Front Hub and Bearing Assembly
Fig. 1 Early Model Front Hub and Bearing Assembly.
1972-1983 Steering Knucle Components
Fig. 2 1972-1983 Steering Knuckle Components.
Later Model Front Hub and Bearing Assembly
Fig. 3 Later Model Front Hub and Bearing Assembly.
Early Model Steering Linkage Components
Fig. 4 Early Model Steering Linkage Components.
Later Model Steering Linkage Components
Fig. 5 Later Model Steering Linkage Components.
Drag Link Components
Fig. 6 Drag Link Components.
Steering Bellcrank Components
Fig. 7 Steering Bellcrank Components.
Steering Damper Components
Fig. 8 Steering Damper Components.

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