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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Jeep Jeep CJs 1949-86

Jeep CJs 1949-86


V8 Engine
Component Torque
air injection manifold screws 38 ft. lbs.
air injection pump adjusting bolt 20 ft. lbs.
air injection pump mounting bolts 20 ft. lbs.
alternator bracket-to-Engine bolts 23-30 ft. lbs.
alternator pivot bolt 23-30 ft. lbs.
camshaft gear screw 30 ft. lbs.
carburetor adapter-to-Intake manifold 12-15 ft. lbs.
carburetor mounting nuts 12-15 ft. lbs.
crankshaft pulley-to-Vibration damper bolts 17-28 ft. lbs.
cylinder head bolts 110 ft. lbs.
driveplate-to-Crankshaft bolts (Automatic) 105 ft. lbs.
driveplate-to-Torque converter Bolts (Automatic) 22 ft. lbs.
EGR valve 13 ft. lbs.
exhaust pipe-to-Exhaust manifold nuts 15-25 ft. lbs.
exhaust manifold bolts 3/8" 25 ft. lbs.
5/16" 15 ft. lbs.
fan and hub-to-Water pump 12-25 ft. lbs.
flywheel-to-Crankshaft bolts (Manual) 105 ft. lbs.
fuel pump-to-Engine bolts 13-19 ft. lbs.
intake manifold bolts 43 ft. lbs.
main bearing cap bolts 100 ft. lbs.
oil pan bolts 1/4" 5-9 ft. lbs.
5/16" 9-13 ft. lbs.
oil pump cover-to-Engine bolts 4.5 ft. lbs.
oil relief valve cap 28 ft. lbs.
rocker arm bolts 16-26 ft. lbs.
rod bearing cap nuts 1972-75 28 ft. lbs.
1976-83 33 ft. lbs.
spark plugs 22-33 ft. lbs.
starter motor bolts 13-25 ft. lbs.
thermostat housing-to-Engine bolts 10-18 ft. lbs.
timing chain cover-to-Engine bolts 18-33 ft. lbs.

vibration damper-to-Crankshaft bolt

1972-75 55 ft. lbs.
1976-78 80 ft. lbs.
1977 and 1979-83 90 ft. lbs.
water pump bolts 4-5 ft. lbs.
NOTE The vibration damper bolt on 1978-1983 models should be lubricated before installation.
Head Bolt Torque Sequence
Fig. 1 Head Bolt Torque Sequence-V8 Engine.
Timing Chain Alignment
Fig. 2 Timing Chain Alignment-V8 Engine.
Rocker Arm Assembly
Fig. 3 Rocker Arm Assembly-V8 Engine.
Firing Order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Fig. 4 Firing Order And Cylinder Location-V8 Engine.


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