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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive 1983-90

Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive 1983-90
(Cordia, Tredia, Precis, Mirage and Galant)


1.6L DOHC Engine
Component Torque
camshaft bearing cap 14-15 ft. lbs.
camshaft sprocket bolt 58-72 ft. lbs.
crankshaft pulley bolts 108-132 ft. lbs.
crankshaft pulley center bolt 80-94 ft. lbs.
cylinder head bolts 65-72 ft. lbs.
cylinder head rear cover bolts 69-86 in. lbs.
flywheel/Driveplate bolts 94-101 ft. lbs.
intake/Exhaust manifold nuts/Bolts 11-14 ft. lbs.
main bearing cap bolts 47-51 ft. lbs.
oil pan bolts 51-69 in. lbs.
oil pan nuts 43-60 in. lbs.
oil pan drain plug 33 ft. lbs.
oil pump cover bolts 72-84 in. lbs.
oil pump relief valve plug 29-36 ft. lbs.
oil pump sprocket nut 25-28 ft. lbs.
Rear oil seal  retainer bolts 84-108 in. lbs.
rocker arm shaft bolts 14-15 ft. lbs.
rod bearing cap nuts 36-38 ft. lbs.
spark plugs 15-21 ft. lbs.
thermostat housing-to-Engine bolts 86-114 in. lbs.
timing belt tensioner bolt 15-18 ft. lbs.
valve cover bolts 43-61 in. lbs.
water pump-to-Engine bolts alternator brace bolt 14-20 ft. lbs.
all others 9-11 ft. lbs.
water pump pulley bolts 72-84 in. lbs.


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