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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive 1983-90

Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive 1983-90
(Cordia, Tredia, Precis, Mirage and Galant)


Automatic Transmission
Component Torque
drain plug 25 ft. lbs.
filter bolts 7 ft. lbs.
neutral start switch bolts 8 ft. lbs.
pan bolts 8 ft. lbs.
starter-To-transmission bolts 20-25 ft. lbs.
throttle valve lower cable bracket bolt 10 ft. lbs.
torque converter-to-Driveplate bolts 30-35 ft. lbs.
transmission-to-engine bolts 6x12mm 7-9 ft. lbs.
8x12mm 22-36 ft. lbs.
8x20mm 11-13 ft. lbs.
8x60mm 22-25 ft. lbs.
10x40mm 31-40 ft. lbs.
10x55mm 16-23 ft. lbs.
10x65mm 31-40 ft. lbs.


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