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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive 1983-90

Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive 1983-90
(Cordia, Tredia, Precis, Mirage and Galant)


Component Torque
brake backing plate-to-axle bolts 36-43 ft. lbs.
brake booster-to-firewall nuts 96-144 in. lbs.
brake pedal support-to-firewall nuts 6-9 ft. lbs.
caliper inner-to-outer bolts (sumitomo two piece calipers) 58-69 ft. lbs.
caliper mounting bolts or lock pin (and guide pin) 16-23 ft. lbs.
caliper torque plate (mounting bracket) bolts front sumitomo style 43-58 ft. lbs.
tokico style 47-54 ft. lbs.
all others 58-72 ft. lbs.
rear calipers 36-43 ft. lbs.
caliper hose inlet fitting bolt 18-22 ft. lbs.
master cylinder-to-brake booster nuts 72-108 in. lbs.
wheel cylinder mounting bolts 72-108 in. lbs.


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