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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive 1983-90

Mitsubishi Front Wheel Drive 1983-90
(Cordia, Tredia, Precis, Mirage and Galant)


Suspension & Steering
Front Suspension
Component Torque
balljoint-to-control arm bolts/nuts 69-87 ft. lbs.
balljoint-to-steering knuckle nut 43-52 ft. lbs.
control arm clamp-to-crossmember bolt #7 marked on bolt head 58-72 ft. lbs.
#10 marked on bolt head 72-87 ft. lbs.
control arm clamp-to-crossmember nut 25-34 ft. lbs.
control arm pivot bolt nut 72-87 ft. lbs.
front strut assembly upper mounting nuts cordia/tredia 22-29 ft. lbs.
galant 29-36 ft. lbs.
mirage 25-33 ft. lbs.
precis 11-14 ft. lbs.
stabilizer bar bracket-to-crossmember 22-30 ft. lbs.
stabilizer link 25-33 ft. lbs.
steering knuckle-to-strut assembly bolts/nuts cordia/tredia 54-65 ft. lbs.
galant 65-76 ft. lbs.
mirage 80-94 ft. lbs.
precis 54-65 ft. lbs.
strut bar-to-control arm bolt/nuts 69-87 ft. lbs.
strut bar-to-crossmember nut 54-61 ft. lbs.
strut piston rod-to-upper insulator nut cordia/tredia 43-50 ft. lbs.
galant 43-51 ft. lbs.
mirage 44-51 ft. lbs.
precis 29-36 ft. lbs.
support bracket-to-crossmember 51-58 ft. lbs.
Rear Suspension
Component Torque
backing plate bolts 36-43 ft. lbs.
fixture-to-floorpan bolts 36-51 ft. lbs.
fixture-to-suspension arm nut 36-51 ft. lbs.
lateral rod mounting bolt (axle beam side) 72-87 ft. lbs.
lateral rod mounting bolt (body side) 58-72 ft. lbs.
shock absorber piston rod nut 14-18 ft. lbs.
torsion axle arm mounting bolt 72-90 ft. lbs.
Component Torque
intermediate shaft pinch bolts 11-14 ft. lbs.
steering gear-to-crossmember bolts 35-45 ft. lbs.
steering wheel nut 25-32 ft. lbs.
tie-rod end-to-steering knuckle nut 11-25 ft. lbs.


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