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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Ford Ford Mustang 1994-98

Ford Mustang 1994-98


Component Torque
Anchor Plate Bolts 95 ft. lbs.
Brake Caliper Bolt (Front except Cobra) 64 ft. lbs.
Brake Caliper Bolts (Rear) 23-26 ft. lbs.
Brake Hose-to-Front Caliper Banjo Bolts 29 ft. lbs.
Brake Hose-to-Rear Caliper Banjo Bolts 30-44 ft. lbs.
Master Cylinder-to-Power Brake Booster Nuts 16-22 ft. lbs.
Power Brake Booster-to-Firewall Nuts 16-21 ft. lbs.
Rear caliper piston alignmentRotate the piston clockwise
with a brake piston tool or
needle-nose pliers. Screw
the piston in all the way and
align the notches in the 
piston with the openings in
the caliper. (See diagram)
Fig. 1 Rear brake caliper piston alignment.

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