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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Ford Ford Mustang 1994-98

Ford Mustang 1994-98

Transmission/Drive Train

Manual Transmission
Component Torque
Shift Lever Retaining Bolts 23-31 ft. lbs.
Transmission-to-Bellhousing Bolts (T5) 45-64 ft. lbs.
Transmission Bellhousing-to-Engine Bolts 1988 4.6L Engine 39-54 ft. lbs.
All Other Engines And Years 28-38 ft. lbs.
Automatic Transmission
Component Torque
Torque Converter-to-Driveplate Nuts 20-33 ft. lbs.
Transmission-to-Engine Bolts 40-50 ft. lbs.
Clutch & Drive Train
Component Torque
Companion Flange/Pinion Nut (minimum) 140 ft. lbs.
Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolt 15-30 ft. lbs.
Driveshaft U-joint-to-Pinion Flange Bolts 70-95 ft. lbs.
Pinion Bearing Preload (minimum, original bearings) 8-14 in. lbs.
Pressure Plate-to-Flywheel Bolts 12-24 ft. lbs.

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