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Automotive Torque Specifications

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Ford Mustang 1979-93 and Mercury Capri 1979-86


3.3L Inline 6Cyl Engine
Component Torque
Camshaft Sprocket Bolt 35-45 ft. lbs.
Camshaft Thrust Plate-to-Block Bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
Crankshaft Pulley-to-Vibration Damper Bolts 35-50 ft. lbs.
Cylinder Head Bolts Step 1 50-55 ft. lbs.
Step 2 60-65 ft. lbs.
Step 3 70-75 ft. lbs.
Exhaust Manifold Bolts 18-24 ft. lbs.
Flywheel-to-Crankshaft Bolts 75-85 ft. lbs.
Front Cover-to-Engine Bolts 6-9 ft. lbs.
Fuel Pump-to-Block or Front Cover Bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
Main Bearing Bolts 60-70 ft. lbs.
Oil Filter Insert-to-Block Bolts 10-15 ft. lbs.
Oil Pan Bolts 7-9 ft. lbs.
Oil pump Inlet Tube-to-Oil Pump Bolts 10-15 ft. lbs.
Oil Pump-to-Engine Bolts 10-15 ft. lbs.
Rocker Arm Shaft-to-Cylinder Head Bolts 30-35 ft. lbs.
Rod Bearing Cap Nuts 21-26 ft. lbs.
Thermostat Housing-to-Engine Bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
Valve Cover Bolts 3-5 ft. lbs.
Vibration Damper-to-Crankshaft Bolt 85-100 ft. lbs.
Water Pump Mounting Bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.

Loosen in reverse sequence.
Fig. 1 Cylinder head bolt torque sequence-3.3L
Fig. 2 Exhaust manifold torque sequence-3.3L
Fig. 3 Timing mark alignment-3.3L
Fig. 4 Rocker arm shaft torque and loosening sequence-3.3L
Fig. 5 Firing order and cylinder location-3.3L

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