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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Mazda Mazda RX-7 1979-85

Mazda RX-7 1979-85


Component Torque
Front Shock Absorber Piston Ron-to-Mounting Block 47-59 ft. lbs.
Seal Cap Nut 36-43 ft. lbs.
Piston Rod Nut 9.8-11.9 ft. lbs.
Front Stabilizer Support Plate 27-34 ft. lbs.
Idler Arm Bracket-to-Frame 32-40 ft. lbs.
Idler Arm-to-Center Link 18-25 ft. lbs.
Knuckle Arm-to-Shock Absorber 46-69 ft. lbs.
Lower Link-to-Axle Housing 56-76 ft. lbs.
Lower Link-to-Frame 56-76 ft. lbs.
Pitman Arm-to-Center Link 22-33 ft. lbs.
Pitman Arm-to-Sector Shaft 94-123 ft. lbs.
Power Steering Pump Mounting Bolts 23-34 ft. lbs.
Power Steering Pump Pulley Nut 36-43 ft. lbs.
Power Steering Gear Mounting Bolts 33-41 ft. lbs.
Power Steering Shaft Coupling Bolt 32-40 ft. lbs.
Rear Shock Absorber-to-Body 9-18 ft. lbs.
Rear Stabilizer Support Plate 23-34 ft. lbs.
Stabilizer Bar-to-Suspension Lower Arm 1979-80 17-25 ft. lbs.
1981-85 9-13 ft. lbs.
Stabilizer Lock Nut 7-12 ft. lbs.
Steering Gear Box End Cover Lock Nut 166-188 ft. lbs.
Steering Gear Housing-to-Frame (Manual steering) 32-40 ft. lbs.
Steering Wheel Nut 1979-80 22-29 ft. lbs.
1981-85 29-36 ft. lbs.
Suspension Arm Balljoint-to-Knuckle Arm 43-58 ft. lbs.
Suspension Arm-to-Cross Member 29-40 ft. lbs.
Tension Rod-to-Lower Suspension Arm 40-50 ft. lbs.
Tension Rod-to-Bracket 80-108 ft. lbs.
Tie Rod-to-Center Link 22-33 ft. lbs.
Tie Rod-to-Knuckle Arm 22-33 ft. lbs.
Tie Rod Lock Nut 51-58 ft. lbs.
Upper Link-to-Axle Housing 56-76 ft. lbs.
Upper Link-to-Frame 56-76 ft. lbs.
Watt Link Bracket 56-76 ft. lbs.
Watt Link-to-Axle Housing 47-59 ft. lbs.
Watt Link-to-Bracket 47-59 ft. lbs.
Wheel Lug Nuts 65-80 ft. lbs.
Front Suspension
Fig. 1 Front suspension assembly.
Rear suspension
Fig. 2 Rear suspension assembly.

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