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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Dodge Plymouth Dodge Shadow & Plymouth Sundance 1987-91

Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance 1987-91


Component Torque
Brake Backing Plate-to-Rear Axle Bolts 45-60 ft. lbs.
Brake Hose-to-Caliper Inlet Fitting Bolt 19-29 ft. lbs.
Caliper Guide Pin(s) ATE 18-26 ft. lbs.
Kelsey-Hayes 25-35 ft. lbs.
Caliper Mounting Bracket-to-Steering Knuckle Bolts 130-190 ft. lbs.
Master Cylinder-to-Booster ( or firewall ) Nuts 17-25 ft. lbs.
Power Brake Booster-to-Firewall Nuts 17-25 ft. lbs.
Wheel Cylinder-to-Brake Backing Plate Bolts 75 inch lbs.

Fig. 1 ATE caliper assembly

Fig. 2 Kelsey-Hayes single pin caliper assembly

Fig. 3 Kelsey-Hayes double-pin caliper assembly

Fig. 4 Rear brake drum assembly

Fig. 5 Adjuster components



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