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Automotive Torque Specifications

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Subaru 2wd and 4wd Sedan, Hatchback, Station Wagon, XT and Brat


1600-1800cc (Over Head Cam Engine)



Block Half Bolts 8 mm 17-20 ft. lbs.
10 mm 29-35 ft. lbs.
Crankcase Service Hole Plugs 46-56 ft. lbs.
Camshaft Case-to-Cylinder Head Bolts 13-14 ft. lbs.
Camshaft Sprocket-to-Camshaft Bolts 7 ft. lbs.
Camshaft Support Bolts 4.3-5.1 ft. lbs.
Crankshaft Pulley Bolt 69-76 ft. lbs.
Cylinder Head Bolts 1st Step 22 ft. lbs.
2nd Step 43 ft. lbs.
3rd Step 47 ft. lbs.
Engine Mount-to-Crossmember Nut 14-25 ft. lbs.
Exhaust Pipe-to-Engine Nuts 18-25 ft. lbs.
Flywheel/Drive Plate-to-Crankshaft Bolts 51-55 ft. lbs.
Intake Manifold Bolts 13-16 ft. lbs.
Knock Sensor 16-20 ft. lbs.
Oil Pan Bolts 3.3-4 ft. lbs.
Oil Pressure Sender 16-20 ft. lbs.
Oil Relief Plug-to-Camshaft Case 17-20 ft. lbs.
Oil Separator Cover Bolts 3.3-4 ft. lbs.
Pressure Plate-to-Flywheel Bolts 12 ft. lbs.
Rocker Cover Bolts 3-4 ft. lbs.
Rod Bearing Nuts 29-31 ft. lbs.
Throttle Body Mounting Bolts 13-15 ft. lbs.
Timing Belt Idler-to-Block Bolt 29-35 ft. lbs.
Timing Belt Tensioner Bolts 12.7-14.8 ft. lbs.
Turbocharger Oil Delivery Pipe Fitting Bolt 10.8-13 ft. lbs.
Cooling Pipe Fitting Bolt 16-18 ft. lbs.


Fig. 1 Cylinder head bolt torque sequence-OHC engine

Fig. 2 Timing mark alignment-OHC engine

Fig. 3 Oil relief pipe and plug-OHC engine

Fig. 4 Firing order and cylinder location-OHC engine




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