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Automotive Torque Specifications

Home Ford Mercury Ford Thunderbird And Mercury Cougar 1983-88

Ford Thunderbird And Mercury Cougar 1983-88


5.0L V8
Component Torque
camshaft sprocket bolt 40-45 ft. lbs.
camshaft thrust plate-to-Engine block bolts 9-12 ft. lbs.
carburetor-to-Intake manifold bolts 12-15 ft. lbs.
crankshaft pulley-to-Vibration damper bolts 35-50 ft. lbs.
cylinder head bolts step 1 55-65 ft. lbs.
step 2 65-72 ft. lbs.
Driveplate mounting bolts 75-85 ft. lbs.
exhaust manifold bolts 18-24 ft. lbs.
fan-to-Fan clutch bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
fan clutch-to-Water pump nuts 15-22 ft. lbs.
fuel pump bolts 19-27 ft. lbs.
intake manifold bolts  NOTE
main bearing cap bolts 60-70 ft. lbs.
oil filter insert-to-Engine block adapter bolt 20-30 ft. lbs.
oil pan bolts 1984-87 9-11 ft. lbs.
1988 And up 6-9 ft. lbs.
oil pick-up tube-to-Main bearing cap nut 22-32 ft. lbs.
oil pick-up tube-to-Oil pump bolt 1984-87 10-15 ft. lbs.
1988 and up 12-18 ft. lbs.
oil pump mounting bolts 22-32 ft. lbs.
rocker arm fulcrum bolts 18-25 ft. lbs.
rod bearing cap nuts 19-24 ft. lbs.
thermostat housing-to-Engine bolts 9-12 ft. lbs.
timing chain cover bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
vibration damper bolt 70-90 ft. lbs.
water pump-to-Engine block bolts 12-18 ft. lbs.
SEFI Components
Component Torque
air intake throttle body mounting nuts 12-18 ft. lbs.
fuel rail bolts 6-9 ft. lbs.
upper intake manifold-to-Lower intake manifold nuts 12-18 ft. lbs.
CFI Components
Component Torque
fuel charging assembly-to-Intake manifold nuts 9-11 ft. lbs.
NOTE Torque bolts from 23-25 ft. lbs., them after engine is warmed up, retorque over again.


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