Automotive Torque Specifications


High Performance Engine Torque Specifications American V6s & V8s

Buick Engines

Buick V6 Engines
Component Torque
Camshaft Nose 40-55 ft. lbs.
Cylinder Head Bolts 80 ft. lbs.
Cylinder Head Studs 70 ft. lbs.
Flywheel-to-Crankshaft Bolts 55-65 ft. lbs.
Fuel Pump Block Off Bolts 17-33 ft. lbs.
Harmonic Balancer-to-Crankshaft Bolt (3/4in. bolt) 200-250 ft. lbs.
Intake Manifold Bolts 25-30 ft. lbs.
Main Bearing Cap... Bolts 70 ft. lbs.
Studs 100 ft. lbs.
Oil Pan Bolts 12-16 ft. lbs.
Oil Pickup Tube 6-9 ft. lbs.
Rocker Arm Shaft 38-42 ft. lbs.
Rod Bearing Nuts (3/8in., P/N 25519247 ) 75 ft. lbs.
Timing Chain Cover Bolts 25-33 ft. lbs.
Valve Cover Bolts 25 inch lbs.
Water Pump Cover Bolts 6-9 ft. lbs.




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